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We expect health care providers to be the most educated about HIV, yet 1 in 5 people living with HIV are denied health care because of stigma. Experiences of prejudice, ignorance, and discrimination can lead to a higher risk of depression and cause people living with HIV to avoid health care entirely.

Initiatives like Stigmavir not only raise awareness of overlooked issues but also empower health care providers with the essential tools and resources to offer compassionate care to their patients.

– Dr. Eileen de Villa, Toronto’s Medical Officer of Health


We spoke directly to the health care community by introducing the world’s first drug that “cures” health care providers of their stigma. Although Stigmavir isn’t real, it’s an invitation to health care providers to assess their own knowledge of the disease and proactively create compassionate and safe spaces for those living with or at risk of HIV. Our integrated campaign centered around a drug-ad parody that featured a reworking of Gloria Gaynor's disco anthem "I Will Survive.” All the creative, including cutdowns, OOH, and direct mail led to a website that encouraged real-world change.


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