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It can take years for transgender people to begin their true lives and be their authentic selves. These already short lives are cut even shorter due to violence and transphobia, which are rising in Canada and around the world. 70% of trans youth say they’ve experienced some form of sexual harassment or violence.

I imagine a world where we are not mourning the deaths of trans people but celebrating their lives with unbridled and unapologetic joy.

– Kiara-Kumail, Lead actor


Our latest campaign for White Ribbon centres around a fictional story based on hundreds of actual stories we researched and collected. In our hero film, we follow the journey of a young trans woman as she celebrates the beginning of her new life and navigates the obstacles that ensue. By offering a glimpse into the vibrant and multi-faceted transgender community, we want viewers to better understand that, like them, transgender people just want to live a joyful life. And that with empathy, acceptance, allyship, and education, that joy is possible.


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