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White Ribbon

I Knew All Along


Harmful gender norms and stereotypes are so ingrained in culture it often takes a personal experience, like having a daughter, to help men become more aware of problematic behaviours. A national survey conducted by White Ribbon confirmed this: 66% of men said that having a daughter did make them more concerned about the issues facing women in society. This insight is called “The First Daughter Effect.”

Asking men to reflect on their past to help change the future.


We used The First Daughter Effect to create a short film about toxic masculinity from the perspective of a father with a newborn daughter. “I Knew All Along” asks all men, whether they have a daughter or not, to examine and acknowledge their own problematic behaviours.


The campaign made it all the way to Question Period in Canadian Parliament and helped secure $600,000 in critical government funding for White Ribbon.

300 news stories

$0 media budget

$1.4 million media value


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